Thank you for visiting the Old Tucson Studios blog.  This site was created by individuals who appreciate and desire to preserve the historical memories of the Western movie making industry that was once thriving at Old Tucson, as well as to provide a platform for discussion and education.  We hope you’ll join in on one of our forum discussions.

Through the provisions of The Old Tucson Foundation, we hope to see Old Tucson restored to it’s glory days…where the western frontier is alive with adventure!

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  • Jack Leder says:

    When the world-famous Old Tucson Movie Studio was set ablaze by arson in 1995, the backdrop for some of Hollywood’s greatest movies went up in smoke. Favorites films such as

  • John says:

    I’ve been to Old Tucson only twice—–so far. Once in ’71, then in ’73 where I accidentally walked onto the “Gunsmoke” set, then in ’93. I loved it. It’s a great place to walk around when you have a passion for westerns as I do.

  • Mark "Slim Chance" Nelson says:

    Who’s bright idea was it to rebuild Old Tuscon after the fire with completely different buildings than the old ones, and stupid looking as well? When people like my self wanted to go to Old Tuscon, we wanted to see what we had seen in the movies!!! When we went in the late 90’s we were very disappointed that the old structures were not rebuilt! It would have been SO simple! They did it at Melody Ranch Studios when they first rebuilt that! What a blunder! If you really want to Old Tuscan restored to it’s glory days, rebuild it THE WAY IT WAS!!!

  • Gary Halsey Sr. says:

    Thank you for informing me of this blog….I will visit and write from time to time……I love our Old Tucson Studios….!!!

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